Which types of dilation are the given scale factors?Select Expansion or Contraction to correctly describe the type of dilation for each given scale factor.

Accepted Solution

Any negative number is going to be a contraction.

expansion= bigger dilation 
contraction= smaller dilation

Let's use the number 2, for example, to help us solve.

2*-4= -8

-8 is less than -4 since the bigger a negative number something is, the smaller in value it has.

It is a contraction.

2*2.5= 5

5 is bigger than 2. 

It is an expansion. 

2*2/3= 1 1/3

2 is bigger than 1 1/3.

This is a contraction. 

2*-.75= -1.5

2 is bigger than -1.5.

This is a contraction. 

I hope this helps!