A circle has a diameter with endpoints at (10,8) and (5,-4) what is the circumference of the circle

Accepted Solution

Answer:The circumference of circle is 40.82 units.Explanation:The end points of diameter lie on circle. since the coordinates of end points of diameter may be evaluated usingd= [tex]\sqrt{(10-5)^ 2-(8-(-4))^ 2}[/tex] =[tex]\sqrt{25+144}[/tex] =[tex]\sqrt{169}=13[/tex]therefore d = 13 .The formulae of circumference comprises the length of radius of circle, hence find the radius as half of diameter length r=d/2 = 13/2 = 6.5 ; circumference of circle =[tex]2\pi r[/tex]                                        = 2x3.14xr                                        = 13x3.14 units.                                         =40.82 units